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Title: Industrial relations and working conditions developments in Europe 2011
This annual review describes the developments in industrial relations and working conditions in 2011 in the EU Member States and Norway, at both national and EU level, with a focus on the economic situation and responses to it. The report describes the current economic situation in EU Member States and highlights relevant political and legislative developments in individual countries. It describes labour market trends in Europe and developments in career and employment security, health and well-being at work, skills development and work–life balance. It also examines changes in the organisation and role of social partners, developments in collective bargaining (at cross-sectoral, sectoral and company levels), working time, pay developments, social dialogue developments, industrial conflicts and company restructuring in 2011. At European level, the report summarises the main events over the course of 2011, charting trends in European social policy, employment legislation and social dialogue.[Maurizio Curtarelli, Karel Frik, Camilla Galli da Bino, Peter Kerckhofs, Jorge Cabrita, Andrea Broughton]
Author: Curtarelli, Maurizio | Cabrita, Jorge | Kerckhofs, Peter | Galli da Bino, Camilla | Fric, Karel | Broughton, Andrea
Publisher: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Year: 2012
ISBN / ISSN / Kat.Nr: EF/12/58/EN
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Arbeitspapiere, Preprints
Keyword: Working conditionsLabour Relations
Subject: Industrial economicsConditions of workIndustrial relations
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