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Title: Regional socio-economic studies on employment and the level of dependency on fishing : lot No.23 coordination and
consolidation study / final report
One of the principal benefits of fisheries is the socio-economic impact on jobs and incomes, not just in fishing, but also in up- and down stream activities. The fishery sector is subject to competitive pressures which impact on labour, as do regulatory requirements and resource and capacity management measures. In the European Union, as elsewhere, fisheries-related employment frequently falls in areas which have few other alternative economic activities and these impacts can have a disproportionately negative effect on living conditions. Present policy within the European Union is to compensate for these negative effects, and to provide support for alternative employment through investments in job creation and training programmes. It is vital that the areas whose local economies are the most dependent upon the fishery sector are identified in order that efforts to reduce the negative impact of the fleet reductions can be targeted effectively. [Author s. copyright]
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Methodology
3 Task 1: brief analysis of fishing and related activities in the EU
4 Task 2: quantifying, describing and examining the level of dependency
5 Task 3: examination of the development of employment and dependency since 1990
6 Task 4: forward study of trends in employment
7 Task 4: suggestions for improved socio-economic support measures
53 tables
Author (Corp. Body): MegaPesca Lda.
Contributer: Europäische Kommission / Generaldirektion Fischerei | Centre for Agricultural Strategy
Publisher: Amt für Amtliche Veröffentlichungen
Year: 2000
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: Fisheryeffect on employment
Subject: European Communities. European UnionSocial policy. Social welfareFishery economics. Fishery research
Countries Scheme: Germany. General ResourcesAustria. General ResourcesDenmarkFinlandSweden
GreeceItalyPortugalSpainBelgiumFranceUnited KingdomIrelandLuxembourgNetherlands
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