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Title: Supplement to the final report : technical advice on third country regulatory equivalence under EMIR - Japan
ESMA delivers second set of advice on EMIR equivalenceFollowing its technical advice published on 9 September 2013, the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) has published a supplement to its advice to the European Commission on the equivalence of the regulatory regime for central counterparties (CCPs) of Japan with the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).This supplement to the September 2013 Final report sets out ESMA’s advice to the European Commission is in respect of the equivalence between the Japanese regulatory regime for commodity CCPs and the regulatory regime for CCPs under EMIR. ESMA proposes conditional equivalence As for ESMA’s advice to the Commission in respect of Japan for CCPs which clear transactions relating to securities, currencies, interest rates, credit, weather, GDP and other indices, ESMA considers that the Japanese regulatory regime for commodity CCPs contains legal provisions and involves supervision and enforcement similar to that of EMIR. The Commission is expected to use ESMA’s technical advice to prepare possible equivalence decisions. Where it adopts such a decision, certain provisions of EMIR may be disapplied in favour of equivalent third-country rules. In particular, ESMA may recognise within the EU a CCP which is authorised outside the EU.[Author vide Copyright]
Author (Corp. Body): European Securities and Markets Authority
Year: 2014
ISBN / ISSN / Kat.Nr: ESMA/2014/123
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: EUJapanmarket economy
Subject: Economic conditions. Economic structure
Countries Scheme: Europe. General ResourcesJapan
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Bitte beachten Sie die urheberrechtlichen Bedingungen der Dokumentenbenutzung / Please observe the copyright when accessing the document | Quelle / Source: European Securities and Markets Authority (
Title: Study on Civil Security R&D in major third countries (SER3CO) : Final Report, within the Framework Contract of Security
Studies – ENTR/09/050
Policy attention to the security industry increased substantially after the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on September 11th, 2001. With an increased demand for security, the global security market grew a tenfold to around €100 billion in 2011. Many studies expect that growth of the worldwide security market will continue to exceed the growth rate of world GDP.In summer 2012 the European Commission launched an action plan for an innovative and competitive security industry to enhance growth and increase employment in the EU’s security industry. Better understanding of the main competitive strengths and weaknesses of the security industries in the EU and in major other countries should facilitate the development of policy measures to generate a business environment that enables the EU security industry to keep its leading position.One of the main problems in the EU security market identified by the Commission is its fragmentation along national and sometimes even regional boundaries. One of the first steps to address this problem the Commission proposes is to set up an EU-wide certification system for airport screening (detection) equipment and for alarm systems 3. Insight in costs and benefits of harmonized certification schemes will provide essential information for establishing such schemes at the EU level....The study has been executed by a team of specialists from the framework consortium partners ECORYS, DECISION and TNO, in collaboration with associated partners FOI (Sweden), HCSS (the Netherlands) and PLANCONSULT (Austria). The latter were invited for their access to sources and contacts in respective countries.[Author vide copyright]
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
1 Scope and objectives of the study
1.1 General Context – Background
1.2 Aims and Objectives of the study
1.3 Approach
1.4 Chapter Outline
2 Comparative overview of the security industry
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Global and European security market overview
2.2.1 General issues related to market size estimates
2.2.2 Security market taxonomy
2.2.3 Global and EU security market estimates
2.3 Overview of third country security markets
2.3.1 USA
2.3.2 Russia
2.3.3 Japan
2.3.4 South Korea
2.3.5 Israel
2.3.6 China
2.3.7 Brazil
2.4 Competitive position of the airport screening and alarm systems industries
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Overview of the airport screening sector
2.4.3 Overview of the intruder and fire alarms sector
2.5 Summary and conclusions
2.5.1 Competitive position of selected countries
2.5.2 Market attractiveness of selected countries
3 Alarm systems and airport screening equipment: certification and conformity assessment
3.1 Comparative overview of certification schemes around the world
3.1.1 Alarm systems
3.1.2 Airport screening equipment
3.2 EU Certification and conformity assessment – CBA alarm systems
3.2.1 Introduction
3.2.2 Baseline
3.2.3 Quantifying the baseline
3.2.4 Policy options
3.3 EU Certification and conformity assessment – CBA airport screening equipment
3.3.1 Baseline scenario
3.3.2 Quantifying the baseline
3.3.3 Policy options
4 Security R&D programmes
4.1 Introduction
4.2General context: overall R&D landscape and security environment
4.2.1 Security environment
4.2.2 National innovation system
4.3 Security R&D
4.3.1 Expenditures
4.3.2 Main actors
4.3.3 Thematic priorities
4.4 Lessons from the security R&D in major third countries and recommendations for the EU
Author (Corp. Body): Ecorys
Contributer: DECISION | TNO | Europäische Kommission / Generaldirektion Unternehmen und Industrie
Year: 2013
ISBN / ISSN / Kat.Nr: FU98407
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: defense mechanismBrazilChinaserviceEUendangermentindustrial sectorIsrael
Japanair trafficsecuritysecurity policySouth KoreaterrorismenterpriseUnited States of Americacompetition
Subject: European Community treaties and agreementsVarious information networks and systems
Countries Scheme: Europe. General ResourcesUSABrazilIsraelChinaJapan
Korea (South)
Online Ressource: vorübergehend nicht erreichbar!
Bitte beachten Sie die urheberrechtlichen Bedingungen der Dokumentenbenutzung / Please observe the copyright when accessing the document | Quelle / Source: Europäische Kommission (
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