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Title: Useful facts in relation to the machinery Directive 98/37/EC
The present document brings together useful information to enable a better implementation of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC(1). This Directive is the compiled version of the four existing texts, relating to the original Directive and its three amendments(2). It is addressed to all parties who may be concerned by the Directive. This document is an updated version of the 1997 edition, prepared by the Commission services, based on information available in December 1998. It accepts no responsibilities for any inaccuracies or omissions which may occur in this document.
Author (Corp. Body): Europäische Kommission | European Commission
Publisher: Europäische Gemeinschaften / Amt für Amtliche Veröffentlichungen | Eur OP
Year: 1999
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: EUmachinestandardization (techn.)
Subject: Economic law. Competition lawIndustrial equipment. Technical equipment
Countries Scheme: Europe. General Resources
Online Ressource: vorübergehend nicht erreichbar!
Bitte beachten Sie die urheberrechtlichen Bedingungen der Dokumentenbenutzung / Please observe the copyright when accessing the document | Quelle / Source: Europäische Kommission (
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