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Title: Report on measures to combat discrimination: directives 2000/43/EC and 2000/78/EC: country report/update 2006: Germany
Title (other): Germany country report on measures to combat discrimination
The Directives aim to provide legal tools protecting individuals against discrimination in the public and in the private sphere. The values the Directives aim to protect are therefore part of the core of the German legal system. The regime of legal regulations envisaged by the Directives have, in addition, already partly been a reality of Germany's legal system as regards discrimination based on sex (which is not covered by this report) and disability. These regulations and their interpretation by federal courts include the definition of discrimination,the shift of the burden of proof, legal standing and a regime of sanctions. The final implementation of the Directives through the AGG and accompanying legislation is therefore not a radical new start for German law but the further development of relevant parts of the existing law. [Author vide copyright]
Table of Contents
1. General legal framework
2. The definition of discrimination
4. Exceptions
5. Positive action (Article 5 Directive 2000/43, Article 7 Directive 2000/78)
6. Remedies and enforcement
7. Specialised bodies
8. Implementation issues
9. Overview
Author: PD.Dr. Mahlmann, Matthias
Publisher: European Network of Legal Experts in the Nondiscrimination Field
Year: 2006
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: Social Legislationequal rights lawdiscriminationhuman rightsbasic directives
Subject: Law. Public Administration. PoliticsHuman rightsLocal government
Countries Scheme: GERMANY
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