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Title: Périodes transitoires négociées par les adhérents
The paper lists all the transition periods negotiated by the 10 acceding countries in the final stage of accession negotiations with the European Union at the end of 2002. These transition periods are derogations to EU law and are limited in duration. They have been accorded to the future Member States so that they can gain a competitive advantage from temporary non-application of EU law. In certain areas, transition periods were negotiated collectively, for example in the area of free movement of people. In other areas, they were negotiated individually, for example for competition. In all instances, these derogations are strictly limited in duration and cannot be prolonged, except through negotiations. The Commission is responsible for the monitoring of their application. [Urheber s. Copyright]
Author: Dublanchy, Mathieu | Viprey, Christophe
Series Title: Revue Elargissement / Spécial Bourses ; 41
Contributer: French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry Department for External Economic Relations
Year: 2004
Language: fr
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: joining of the European UnionEU expansiontransitional labor markettransitional society
Subject: ECSC - Euratom - European Community research centresEuropean Community treaties and agreements
Countries Scheme: Europe. General Resources
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