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Title (other): FINAL REPORT
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to the Research Study
Basis of the research study The interviews
2. Responses to the Questionnaire
A. General questions
B. Possible advantages of harmonisation
The phenomenon of forum shopping
Measures to counter forum shopping
Lex fori as a solution to forum shopping
Legal certainty and predictability of result
Free movement of persons and the smooth functioning of the internal market
C. Possible effects of harmonisation
Increase and complication of proceedings
Effects on agreement between the parties and out of court settlement
The extent to which all related matters can be dealt with in the same proceedings, and applying the same law
D. Possible impediments and disadvantages
Other remarks
3. Main problems that were identified during the interviews
Application of choice of law rules
The influence of internal substantive law
Forum shopping in divorce cases
Legal certainty, predictability of result
Free movement of persons
Parental responsibility
Choice of law rules
Forum shopping
Legal certainty, predictability of result
Free movement of persons
Maintenance of spouses
Content of choice of law rules
Forum shopping
Free movement of persons
Maintenance of children
Jurisdiction and forum shopping
Free movement of persons
Legal certainty
Matrimonial property
Forum shopping
Distribution of marital property
Free movement of persons
Location of assets
Public policy
Application of foreign law
Civil law systems v. common law systems
Specialization of judges and lawyers
Cultural differences
4. A few case studies
Case 1. The unfortunate twins
Case 2. Divorce at the second attempt
Case 3. A look in the future
Case 2. The divorce mother's international career
Matrimonial property
The enterprising couple
Author (Corp. Body): T. M. C. Asser Instituut
Publisher: Europäische Kommission / Generaldirektion Justiz und Inneres
Year: 2002
ISBN / ISSN / Kat.Nr: JAI/A3/2001/04
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Berichte, Studien
Keyword: Marriagedivorcefamily lawlegislationlegal usage
Subject: European Community law in generalLaw. Jurisprudence. Legal systemsFamily law
Countries Scheme: Europe. General Resources
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