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Title: How to Ensure Mutual Consistency Between the Common Frame of Reference and the Review of the Consumer Acquis in the
Field of Sales Law.
The question of 'where' to regulate sales is of course connected to the further and more ample issue of 'how' to regulate. In its latest Green Paper, the Commission in fact asks both kinds of questions as regards, in particular, the contract of sale. Though this paper is aimed at addressing the first question, a brief mention to 'how' to regulate, at least referring to a couple of key issues for consumer transactions will be unavoidable. Para. 4 addresses in particular the proposal of extending the protective rules designed for consumers to other participants in the European market and in particular to the SMEs. [Prof. Anna Veneziano]
Author: Veneziano, Anna
Series Title:European Parliament - Note
Publisher: Europäische Union / Europäisches Parlament
Year: 2007
ISBN / ISSN / Kat.Nr: PE. 378.299
Language: en
Ressource: Einzelne Arbeitspapiere, Preprints
Keyword: Sales managementlegal policyconsumer protection
Subject: Law. Jurisprudence. Legal systemsConsumption. Consumer protectionBuying and selling
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